Pot holes on FOD-1 Roads- Dwarka

Sh Anil Kumar, Project Manager (Flyover), PIO
DDA, 17th floor, Vikas Minar,
New Delhi-110002.

Timely repair of potholes is a thing which has always got least priortity in your department. As a result there are always potholes on roads which grow & disrupt traffic. I hereby brought to your knowledge that there are certain pothols on Dwarka Bhurtahl Road.
In addition several new potholes have taken birth on Dwarka overbridge. The joint of various layers of mastic bitumen are visible vacant requiring filling stuff. Not to emphasise that timelt repair is the essence of issue. Dwarka bridge is life line of Dwarka and no one can efford to have this road in a dilapidated condition.

Request you to take suitable immediate action now & instruct relevant officer to take timely action in futre as well.

S K Goyal