Pranab: Bring back our stolen billions!

Dear friends across India,

Yesterday India ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption, but to recover the billions of public money that have been smuggled overseas, the government must start criminal prosecutions and enact an Asset Recovery law.

Our anti-corruption pressure is working — after dragging its feet for six years the Government has taken the first step. But we can’t wait another six years for them to hold these crooked politicians and businessmen to account, or our billions will disappear. Our best chance of getting our money back is a massive public outcry now to get action during the monsoon session of Parliament.

Let’s keep the government under pressure to bring home our stolen money. Click here to sign this petition and share this with everyone — once we reach 100,000 signatures, we’ll deliver the petition to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee:

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India has lost more money to Swiss banks than any other nation. And our government loses $22 – $27 billion in tax revenue every year because money is sneaked overseas. These huge sums, which make a few very rich, could be funnelled into critical health, education and other programmes.

India has now finally joined the 140 countries which have ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption. Ratifying the anti-corruption Convention provides for asset recovery of illegal earnings and obliges the government to put in place effective laws that would stop corrupt businessmen and politicians being able to stash tax-evaded cash overseas.

Our anti-corruption movement’s increased public outcry has forced the Cabinet to ratify the UN Convention. To make it have impact and get our money back let’s ramp up the pressure for immediate prosecutions and an Asset Recovery law. Click below to sign and forward this email to everyone:

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The people’s movement against corruption in India is exploding. Supported by over half a million of us, Anna Hazare sent a powerful message to our government — the people demand accountable and honest politics. Buckling under the power of our call, Parliament agreed to include civil society members in the drafting of the Jan Lokpal Bill — a huge win for the fight against corruption in all levels of government. Let’s keep the pressure on and make sure the stolen billions are returned to India.

With hope,

Saloni, Ricken, Luis, Ben, David, Shibayan and the whole Avaaz team.