Prime Minister Nerender Modi should ask Britain to return ‘Kohinoor’: Britain must have status at par with other commonwealth nations

Britain always exhibits friendliness towards India when even British Prime Minister Cameron during his February-2013 visit to India expressed ‘regret’ on 1919-massacre by erstwhile British rulers in India with paying homage at Jaliawala Bagh (Amritsar – India). But at same time on specific question on return of ‘Kohinoor’ diamond to India, David Cameron stated that he did not believe in ‘returnism’!

Britain can in no way practically return precious lives of many Indian freedom-fighters killed by their former rulers. But at least precious valuables stolen by them during their rule can and must be returned to India. Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi should forcefully ask Britain to return ‘Kohinoor’ diamond and any other such valuables looted by bRitish rulers during their rule in India. British rulers are self-conscious by themselves of their big loot in India when Queen Elizabeth did not use ‘Kohinoor’ studded crown during any of her visits to India, even though she did use it in Pakistan during her same tour of 1960’s to twin nations.

India and other member-countries of Commonwealth nations for their self-respect should withdraw from this group which is nothing but a shameful sign of colonial British era still giving Britain a special status on member-countries of Commonwealth Nations. Everyone is aware of big controversy that arose during infamous CWG-2010 in New Delhi on ‘sharing’ importance between President of India and representative of British monarchy.

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)