Abandoned repairs by DDA Contractor after removing the outer plaster in Ekta Apartments, Dwarka

DDA’s Pocket- 1 & 2, Sector-3 in Dwarka is consisting of 384 flats. Construction of these flats was started in 1992 and the possession to allot tees was given by the DDA in 1999. Since then the residents are facing problems of faulty external wall stone grit wash, cracks in plaster, balconies etc. After continuous efforts made by the RWA, the DDA allotted work of repairs to the contractor Mr.Raj Pal Dahiya in year 2013. 

However, instead of solving the problem of the residents, it is adding to their woes. The said contractor started the repair work form flat No.1 to 8 in February,2013 and re-plastering of external walls of flat No.1 to 8 after removing the old stone grit wash was completed only on front side of these flats. Without completing the repair work of flat Nos.1 to 8, the contractor removed the old stone grit wash slabs of flat Nos.9 to 16 also and then abandoned the work for the last two months, leaving these flats to face the perils of rain which has already started. The rainy water is now damaging these flats since there is no protection after peeling of the old grit wash. Iron grills have weakened and gas pipeline has loosened it’s support which can play havoc. Besides there can be short circuit due to seepage of water in embedded electric wiring thus exposing the residents of these flats to casualty. The debris of the old grit wash has also not been removed by the contractor causing hurdles in free movement of people besides problem of water logging.
Despite follow up by the RWA of pocket No.1 & 2 with the officials of DDA (WD-10), nobody is coming forward to ensure that the stopped work of re-plastering is immediately resumed by the contractor. This shows about of the working of the DDA officials who are totally unconcerned about of woes of the residents due to faulty construction work of the DDA.

Citizen Reporter: Subhash Trehan