Principal of Delhi International School punished herself !!

It was an unexpected scene in the classroom filled with girl students and teachers from Navjyoti Foundation school ,Bawana when they visited Delhi International School, sector -23 , Dwarka, Delhi on 28th November 2015 to witness an International Exhibition “Kriti 2015” with United Nations as theme. 

After absorbing the International information shared by school students in exhibition, girls were surprised when they were introduced to an ancient Indian Yogic technique known as “Super Brain Yoga” by school Principal Ms. Rashmi Malik personally.

The girls were very happy and full of questions about the technique which was once (and may be still) used as punishment in the schools. The punishment which was actually a yogic technique used by teachers to “punish” students where they were asked to do squats while holding the ears with cross hands, but due to loss of exact technique over the years generations after generations it started harming children rather than helping them to improve. 

The technique has been brought back in modern times by Founder of Pranic Healing Master Choa Kok Sui after a long research and is being used all across the world by all walks of people to sharpen their brains. The technique when used with correct instructions has proven to be very powerful in balancing the person’s energy and thereby enhancing the working of brain. The experiment with this technique is being done in Delhi International School, Dwarka for past three years under the supervision of Principal and has improved the academic results as well as behaviour of students dramatically. 
The school will be happy to share the details of the technique or demonstrate to people/schools ,if interested. The instructions for the same can be procured from Delhi International School, Sector-23 , Dwarka by writing a small request message on school’s Facebook page /DISDWARKA.
Rashmi Malik
Delhi International School
Sector-23, Dwarka