Police Public meet held in Dwarka

Issue of Advisory on Security guideline for RWA-CGHS in Dwarka by
Delhi Police and Dwarka Forum

18th September,2011. Dwarka Forum in association with Delhi Police organized a Police-Public meeting  at GoldCroft CGHS Ltd., Plot No.4, Sector-11. On this occasion,  an Advisory for public awareness was  issued by Mr.Parmaditya Addl DCP along with Mr.Samay Singh Meena-ACP,Mr.Suman Pushkarna SHO of Dwarka to create better security system in subcity. Mr.Anil Rajput informed Dwarka Parichay that the guidelines & precaution related to security in around the city were discussed. 

Police Public Meeting at GoldCroft CGHS Ltd., Plot No.4, Sector-11, Dwarka

The residents of sub city raised many points regarding security such as  activities of bad elements in front of wine shops to disturb the nearby residents, frequent chain/purse snatching incidents, insecurity caused due to long bush around the metro station for daily commuters and darkness in the absence of light provision etc.The said meeting was attended by the representatives of RWA/CGHS of Dwarka. 

Mr.Parmaditya Addl DCP and Mr. Rejimon, President, Dwarka Forum
addressing the police public meeting
RWA-CGHS Dwarka representatives at Police Public meeting
President Mr.S.C.S.Chauhan, Secretary-Mr.P.K.Mohanty of GoldCroft CGHS Ltd., Mr.Rejimon-President-Dwarka Forum, Mr. Mukesh Sinha-Mg.Editor-Dwarka City, Mr.Akhilesh Pandey-Chief Reporter-CityPlus, Mr.K.P.S.Bawa, Mr.Sunil Sareen and Comdr. Rakesh were also present in the meeting and discussed various security issues. In the end Mr. Rejimon thanked all Police officers, RWA-CGHS office bearers and media for the sucess of this initiative. He informed Dwarka Parichay that these meetings will be a regular feature in various sectors and in the markets of Dwarka. He also thanked Promark Travel Services for supporting/ sponsoring the Advisory.