RAIN EFFECT of DELHI, Picture of Bus Drawning at Sect 22, Dwarka Subcity-Delhi

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Dear All,
Please find the condition of an Under Pass build and maintained by DDA/ Flyover Division at Sect 22, Dwarka, connecting NH-8 (Shiv Murthy).
The negligence by the agency(DDA) in this matter is very clear, I have written a number of complaints and even RTI on this under pass’s poor maintenance. However NO Progress nor any action has been taken by the authorities at DDA.
Lakhs of working class from Dwarka to Central/South Delhi and Gurgaon is struck up due to this underpass blocked today.
DDA claims the Asia’s largest subcity is one of the highstandard and example of DDA’s good work???
DDA is neglecting the subcity like any other part of the city. The only part of Delhi whch is constructed and controlled under Master Plan…(is it masterplanned?)
Its always a BLAME GAME by Authorites. However, in this case it comes under DDA only, neither Delhi Govt nor any MCD/DJB/PWD is responsible.Appreciate you highlight this image and take up with DDA Vice Chairman/Engineer Member and Flyover Division team.
Thanking you,
Nav Sansad Vihar
Plot NO.4, Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077India.Mobile No. 9810315897 / 20514195