Representation to Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, Minister of Urban dvelopment


February 16, 2015

Smart City – Dwarka to be Full Fledged Smart City

A smart city (also smarter city) uses digital technologies to enhance performance and well being, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. Key ‘smart’ sectors include transport, energy, health care, water and waste.

1.WHY Dwarka…… Existing Master Plan Sub-City with 5648 Ha. With 11 Lakh Population . Existing sector 1 to 23 have a capacity of 7 Lakh. 356 highly organised CGHS Apartments & DDA Pockets.

2.Dwarka is surround by 11 Villages 1. Palam 2. Bagdola 3. Nasirpur 4. Dabri 5. Bindapur 6. Amber Hai 7. Kakrola 8. Pochanpur 9. Bharthal 10. Dulsiras 11. Bamnoli.

3.Linear District Centre along metro track from Sec 21, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 as MRTS corridor such as UER-II, IMPT Terminals as Dwarka Railway station and Airport Western Access planed. 4 Multi Level Parking planned for Dwarka.

4.Have existing (i) Primary Arterial Roads -100 m ROW. & 80 m ROW (ii) Other Primary Arterial Roads – 60 m ROW & 45 m ROW (iii) Primary Sub-Arterial (Collector) – 30 mts (iv) Secondary Sub-Arterial (Collector) – 18 mts.

5. 17% of the for recreational activities. Over 12 Water bodies exist in Dwarka. Bharat Vandana Park as Biodiversity park. 279 Hec south of Dwarka towards Bijwasan as green belt.

6. Work Centre: Service Sector 20 existing with 25 and 29 Service/Industry/Business purpose.

7. 1.68 % of the land reserved for Govt use.

8. 60 MGD water estimated for the Sub-City through Dwarka WTP recently taken over by DJB. 48 MGD Sewage estimated from the Sub-city. Which gives ample regeneration and recycle use. Storm Water Drainage all along the arterial roads will substantial yield for Rain Water Harvesting.

9. Dwarka expected to generate 800 MT daily waste , being close proximity to airport and airfunnel require highly sensitive and modernised waste handling required.

10. Electricity of 500 MW with grid station to receive 400 KV stations further down grade to 66 and down to 11 KV.


Most Urgent – immediate attention required
1. Entry & Exit to Dwarka – Congested beyond imagination – Residents are having horrifying time dealing with Traffic. Dwarka has 3 nos Entry and Exit points

–Sector 21
–Palam Flyover
–Dabri Mode

1.Opening up of a tunnel road to IGI- T3 (from Shahbad Muhmadpur Railway Station/Crossing)
2.Create a new ROB over Palam Railway Crossing or widen the existing Palam-Dwarka Fly over (Clear encroachment under the Metro pillars along the road)
3.Speed up the acquiring and completion of Dwarka ExpressWay connecting to Northern Peripheral Way to Gurgaon/Manesar
4.Underpass at Shiv Murthi NH8 to enter Dwarka
5. Widening/Realigning Palam and Shahbad railway crossings
6. Resolving issues of bijwasan and dabri flyover
7. To construct Flyover at sec 1/2/6/7 crossing
8. To construct flyover at sec 21 intersection (to facilitate smooth traffic for upcoming diplomatic enclave and Dwarka residents)

2.Speed up the proposal of:
A.Sector 21/Sector 8 to Pankha road via tunnel road
B.IOC Crossing to Dwarka Sector 9 via tunnel road
C.Madhu Vihar and Pankha Road via tunnel road Speed up the Dwarka Express way project on Delhi side
D.Parallel MPD road from Oil Depot to Bijwasan-Chawla Road as per MPD 2021.
E. Under Pass or Fly Over on Dwk Link Road and NH8 Linking Mahipalpur Road.

3. All road maintenance be handed over to PWD.

Infrastructure – Traffic Management
1.Parallel road along the Railway Track from Bijwasan to Delhi Cantt.
2.Convert all Internal Road Signals to ROUND ABOUT as done in NDMC area (peak hour lighted no peak hour self disciplined)
3.More speed governors vehicles & CCTV, PCR and all enforcement vehicle fitted with CCTV
4.Strict enforcement of traffic rules (towing vehicles, traffic violations, wrong-side driving, treble driving on 2-wheelers)
5.Declaring busy market places as no parking zones
6.All service lane to be cycle traffic and skating compatible to promote non motorized traffic
7.Strict rules & fines for road encroachment & implementation by DDA/ SDMC.
8. Unification of multiple authority

Infrastructure -Incomplete Projects

1.Bharat Vandana Park- No sign of implementation- Only a boundary wall and the remaining area handed over to DMRC for construction. We demand this to be converted as Bio-Diversity Park.
2.Roads incomplete connecting various parts especially sector 24, 25, 26 and Dwarka-Palam Vihar Expressway.
3.The Socio Culture Centre at Sector 11 no progress found on ground.
4.Status on Football Stadium.
5. Status on Golf Course.


Connectivity- Important issue
1.More DTC routes shall Start & Terminate in Dwarka for all important destination of Delhi/ NCR.
2.ISBT Dwarka should be shifted out of Dwarka. Dwarka should not be used as ‘enroute’ route.
3.Last mile connectivity from various Metro stations.
4.Parking fee at Metro stations to be Linked to Monthly Pass
5.Airport Metro to increase ridership by extending the card validity for 6 month to one year.
6. Link Normal Metro & Airport Metro Cards & DTC Cards

Parking Issues

1.The ECS (Equal Car Space per 100 Sq Mtr)– Parking are not available in LSC, Sector markets and Institutional areas. DDA Engineers JE/AE/EE to prepare a list of buildings in Dwarka and submit the same to hierarchy for not keeping ECS.
2.Multi Level parking project to be implemented for Sector 6/10, 4/5/11/12 markets
3.The LSC Private buildings reserved basement parking are not open to public. Till the same is not opened ask Building department to seal those malls/buildings.

Environment -Pollution

•SDMC be instructed to implement long pending Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000 immediately.
•As per order of NGT air purifier be installed at public places.
•100% recycle of C&D waste unit to be build in Dwarka funded by Delhi Govt.
•To propose Govt of India to ensure international standard or higher Noise Pollution for IGI Airport
•Effective enforcement to check unauthorized colonies/ House construction/ encroachment 
• Re-claim all buried water bodies.

Health services
Very critical for the Sub-city  

1.The much delayed construction of 750 Super Specialty Hospital be speed up on war footing. Till the time Hospital operational all Health Centre/Clinics of Dwarka by Delhi Government to be upgraded.
2.Trauma Center (Important) Considering the High Rise Buildings, Air Funnel, Sesmic Zone of prone to Earth Quake a Trauma Centre be planned along with 750 Bed hospital.
3.Ayurvedic & Homeopathy Hospitals to be builtPrimary Health Centers & Dispensaries. (Existing 2-3 within Dwarka is grossly inadequate)

Vegetable &Fruit Mandi
No Vegetable Market in Dwakra 
1.Vegetable and Fruit Market
2.To direct /pursue DDA Board for allotment of Land for complete Veg/Fruit market within Sub-City.
3.  More Safal Outlets

1.West Delhi – Dwarka MP, Mr. Parvesh Verma and Area MLA, Mr. Gulab Singh be appointed as representative to DDA Board 
2.Mall/ Cinema/ Multiplexes
3.Sports Complexes / Auditoriums
5.Diplomatic Enclave
6.Convention Hall
7.Amusement Park
8.MP Green (Bharat Vanda Park)
9.Parking Toilet constructions

Maintenance of -Master Plan Sub-city
1.The Dwarka boast of wide roads and Service lanes, Drains, Pedestrian paths. These are not maintained properly and timely. Rs. 30 crore allotted 3 years back for Dense carpeting, still remain on papers. Further, gross negligence in maintaining quality of carpeting wherever happened is visible with open eyes & despite regular complaint no DDA officer is willing to take any action.
2.The pedestrian paths are not designed as per latest UTTIPEC guidelines.
3.The maintenance of DDA Pocket Flats is pathetic condition especially exteriors & falling balconies.
4.Not a single HAF (Housing Area Facility) Developed by DDA till date. The vacant lands are prone to encroachments.


•Delhi Haat for Dwarka

•Art Galleries
•Open Am-pi-theatre
Coffee Home

•Toilets (detail in the following slide)
•Garbage disposal (detail in the following slide)
•Solid Waste Management..
•Unauthorized Colonies
•Unauthorized House Construction
•Public Libraries
•Potable Water Booth
•Barat Ghar
•Old Age Home
•Weekly Hatt

•To build toilet complexes –

–Roads/Side Walks (A Must every 2 KM 1 Toilet Complex)
–Shopping Complex
–In park sides

•Use latest technology / methods – innovative toilets concepts
•Mechanical Sweeping of roads over 12mtr
•All Safai Karamcharis to report to respective RWA/CGHS of the area.
•Trash Bins for all roads, Markets & BQS.

Garbage Disposal

1.Only one agency in Dwarka for handling all cleaning & horticulture work.
2.Door to door collection of garbage in compliance with Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000
3.100 % recycle plant for Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste
4.Disposal using scientific methods
5.Segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste
6. Cleaning / clearing the sewer lines

Liaison with Delhi & Central Government

1.One consumer court be opened in Dwarka.
1.Property Registration office be opened in Dwarka.
2.Additional post offices be opened, existing seems to be overloaded.
3.One large office complex in line with Nehru Place/Rajendra Place be developed near Dwarka.
4.The area near Nazafgarh storm water drain (Bijwasan) be declared as open bird sanctuary.


•Open Tourist Complex Kanganheri & Water Sports Complex Chawla.
Development of Drain – for water sports to develop it as big lake and water harvesting from Chawla up to Badusarai via Kanganheri and Nanak Heri


For Safety & Security
1.All street lights to be taken over from BSES
2.Dwarka Sub-City to have at least 2 or 3 Bulk Electricity Suppliers to be proposed with DERC
3.Convert all Single Point Electricity Connection in CGHS to Multi Point. 

4. Common Area Electricity supplies to be treated as Public Utility rate to be proposed with DERC.


Dwarka Forum is primarily focused on the overall betterment and development of Dwarka Sectors and Pockets. We are engaged in several projects concerning Dwarka and work with all civic authorities to fill the gap between public expectation and delivery. 

Dwarka Forum (DF) brings all 355 CGHS / RWA / MTA / Citizens under one platform with sharing information, discussions and a trying to address the issues. The DF Discussion board has over 2500 Members with 16000 Posting. Please visit our website for more details :

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