Ch Lapsiya is a rare combination of Art & Thought.

Ch Lapsiya


Ch Lapsiya Belongs to Artist Family Legacy. Late L.P.Khona renowned fine Artist & Sculpture fellow of JJ School of Arts, Mumbai. Shri CH Lapsiya, from last 45 years in the field of Graphic Designing and a passion for painting, made him to achieve this self developed Art of Life Like Portraits with his Magic Touch. Seeped in Artistic ventures with an experience in fine arts since last five decades.

 Mr. Ch Lapsiya recently developed a unique technique in making portraits. These are Extremely life like Replicas that depict the hand and brush paintings of yester years. His exhibits include renowned National and International personalities, celebrities, politicians, leaders and of course his family, friends and near and dear ones. Portraits have been uploaded on his Facebook page daily for his own satisfaction. His son Miten is a computer Artist in his fathers profession from last 20 years. His Mobile Art is acknowledged by The Legend himself Shri Amitabh Bachchan on his facebook page.

Now Ch Lapsiya known all over amongst Artist and Art lovers, will be trying to achieve the largest number of Portraits made. He says his Magic Touch is the ultimate result of painting passion, graphic experience & Photography knowledge. He is really a great Graphic Designer with rare combination of art & thought together. He deserves a national award from Govt, of India for his self developed unique art.