Appeal save NEPAL and its people

M. C Jain
Vinayak Residents Welfare Association (Regd),
A-102, Plot -36Sector-10 Dwarka

We all are quite aware about the heavy devastation in Nepal, loss of property and human lives due to earthquake.

In view of the heavy loss and havoc in the country, Vinayak Residents Welfare Association (Regd), after confirming with the Embassy of Nepal, has decided to extend help to all the brothers and sisters in Nepal during these days of calamities and destructions by sending the items like, ATTA, (flour), Chawal (Rice),Dal (Pulse),Salt, Haldi, Biscuits, and many other non-perishable items to them . Those who wish to contribute/or send the items in any form may kindly contact the following numbers.

The items will be sent to Nepal via Nepal Embassy located at New Delhi

Let us join to extend our help to save NEPAL and its people.

D K Bhardwaj — President 9810749099
Dr. M C Jain — Secretary 9810548428
Ram Gopal — Coordinator 7838933392
Ms. Nidhi Gupta – Coordinator 9873122421