Road safety body IRF DEMANDS 100 % IT Exemption for donations for road safety

Nitin Gadkari Union Minister for 
Road Transport & Highways

International Road Federation, Global Body working for better and safer roads world wide in a letter has urged the Union Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Arun Jaitley to extend 100 per cent income tax exemption for industry , corporate houses, NGO’s, individuals and media investing in the road safety programmes approved by the government under 80 GGA of the Income Tax Act, instead of current 50 per cent under section 80G .

“During the Union budget Financial year 2012-13 the government had allowed income tax exemption on 50% of the amount that people and entities contribute for road safety activities. Extending 100 per cent exemption will further help motivate people to donate generously for such road safety measures and associate leaders from the industry towards the various related activities.” said Mr K K Kapila ,Chairman, International; Road Federation .

Earlier last year Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari had also written a letter to Union Finance Minister demanding 100 % IT Exemption on Road Safety programmes to involve corporates.

“During the year about 1.38 lakh people were killed in around Five lakh road accidents reported, resulting in economic losses to thetune of 2-3 % of the GDP, apart from social trauma”said Mr Gadkari in his letter.

K.K. Kapila, Chairman,
Internatioal Road FEderation
“We have been requesting the MoRTH and the Union finance Minister to extend 100 per cent Income tax exemption for road safety investments from present 50 % on the lines of concessions extended under provision of section 80 GGA of the proposed Direct Tax Code for incentives to companies spending on promotion of family planning and prevention of HIV-AIDS as also similar provisions available under section 80 GGA of Income Tax Act 1961 in respect of certain donations for scientific research or rural development to an assesse.” Said Mr K.K.Kapila, Chairman, International Road Federation (IRF).

“IRF has also urged the Union Finance Minister to include Road safety in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provisions in the recently revised Companies’ Bill specifies CSR activities that can be carried out under distinct heads. Road Safety, despite its potential of being more dangerous than a deadly disease such as cancer, is still not being accorded the priority it deserves. This may kindly be included as one of approved activities under CSR.” Said Mr Kapila