Though it is very difficult to predict what the future of the art market holds. We can unhesitatingly say, however, that the generations that came of age in the 20th century disdained figurative or also known as representative art.

“Figurative art which has real world touch went through various phases for centuries but never died as Mark Twain once said “the reports of figurative art’s death are greatly exaggerated.” Figurative painting – “Any form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world.” – is being rehabilitated by a growing coterie of painters and is likely to dominate the coming year 2014-15. It will never loose its luster.”said Mr Shekhar Jhamb , Director, Creative Art Gallery, Which won the best seller award at recently concluded Art fair in Delhi.

“ Revived, as if by some act of necromancy, the new figurative painting is neither stuffily conservative nor incompatible with abstraction.Though, it’s not constraint every work sells. It’s only the confidence of the artist which promotes the artwork. I prefer colourful contemporary works because I feel 90% of my client incline towards that.”Mr Jhamb said.

“The Indian art scene has always been favourable for figurative art works, because if you trace from the roots of history you will find that all our old paintings are in figurative. They not only serve a message but also they leave a kind of theme which I believe Indian buyers and collectors prefer. Abstract is borrowed concept, I mean it genuinely started in the west and it’s the popular concept for them only. But these days lot of corporates do like to mount something in abstract for their offices.” He added.

“The Indian art market was at its peak during 2005 and 2006 but after that a noticed change was seen, people took less interest in buying contemporary art works but starting from 2013 I have noticed a rise in contemporary art and 2014 it started with good grace. Again the economy is a big concern in dealing the artworks, a countries economy is majorly responsible for describing its luxury needs and art is indeed a luxury.” Mr Jhamb said.

“I can’t go that judgemental but if I will need to draw a line that I will definitely say that works based on popular culture are quite liked by our enthusiast buyers. These days’ bright colours are in at every sector and similarly in paintings as well, they prefer something like that.” He said.

Creativity Art Gallery is carrying artworks over 200 artists and to me everyone is exclusive. But still to name some I can easily say that some of the good works of Anwar Khan, VirenTanwar are lying in my best collections. Also I am one of the biggest collectors of Farhad Hussain, JagdishChinthala, Chandra Bhattachrya and Tejinder Kanda’s works.

Yes it obviously does. Art and culture is always the output of the society’s philosophy. It duly reflects a country’s vision and psychological state.