Sant, Sanskriti and Sanskaar on 21st Feb.

“Sant, Sanskriti and Sanskaar” are the way forward. A youth enlightening era led by Muni Shri Jayant Kumarji would be organized. More than 500 men and women would take oath to live a healthy and smoke and alcohol free life.

Tathastu Bhava, in the active direction of Muni Shri Jayant Kumarji would be organizing half day seminar on “Sant, Sanskriti and Sanskaar” on 21th of February 2015 at the Rotary school from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Muni Shri Jayant Kumarji is of the view that it is high time that youth should start self-contemplation. He also believes that the pure world of saints has been defiled by the presence of a few nefarious characters who address themselves as saints. Though in reality, they have veiled their real faces and the youth needs to unveil all of them. If the youth of the country can fight against corruption at the Jantar-Mantar, and lead a movement for Damini, why the same youth can’t stand for itself? Recently released bollywood film PK is a great step towards cleansing of our sacred culture. The stance taken by the Uttar Pradesh government of making the film tax free is commendable. The central government should also build a mechanism to promote similar films.

To bolster the youth brigade of the country, this event would witness the presence of renowned personalities from their respective fields. The most prominent of the dignitaries are Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister- Govt of India, Mr. Arvind Kejariwal, Hon’ble Chief Minister – Delhi Government will be the Chief Guest along with Mr. Ashish Nehra (Eminent Cricketer), Mr. Pranav Kumar (Income Tax Commissioner), Mrs. Kiran Chopra (Eminent Social Worker), Mrs. Nisha Kothari (Bollywood Actress) and Mr. Shashikant Sadev (Eminent Writer) and many more. Under the esteemed leadership of Shri Jayant Kumaji, the Jain Saints have decided to play a constructive role in PM Narendra Modi’s country wide smoke and alcohol free movement.

Muni Shri Jayant Kumarji along with Secretary Deepak Jain would be handing over a ten-point statement to Honb’le Mr. Nitin Gadkari and Mr. Arvind Kejariwal under which a country wide ban on all the smoke and tobacco products would be demanded.

This program is expected to act as an impetus that will change this era forever. On 21th February, the event would be attended by more than 40000 volunteers and thousands of people from different parts of the country.