Safety on Roads-A few vital staistics

Why TalkSol on Safety on Roads?

It is a very SAD fact that people in large numbers are getting killed or seriously injured in accidents on roads all over the Worldi,thus causing huge miseries to the victims & their immediate family members,in particular.

A few related statistics[ref IRTE]
About 125 lakhs fatalaties were reported last year from all over the World
5 crores suffered serious injuries.
There were about 1.50 lakhs fatalaties last year on roads of India.
About 26 lakhs people suffered serious injuries.
and there are billions of near-miss crashes every year.

About 146 millions road traffic violations of offences defined in the legislation were caused by motorists on every single day in Delhi while police were reporting/recording onle a miniscule. 23% of these violations were on account of faulty road enviornment/infrastructure.

80% 0f traffic control devices [TCDs] which include signages,signals.& road markings in the capital city of Delhi did not correspond to designated standards & code of practice.[TCDs are devices through which road traffic is directed,warned & informed].

Capacity of our workforce dealing with traffic policing,infrastructure building/maintenance & their training & knowledge about use of digital technology is not adequate.

Not much care as is needed is being taken in issuing of driving licences Unethical practices are also quite rampant,

There is no policy guidelines in checking the number of vehicles on roads/being manufactured.

There are many many other facets.

Lot of organisations/people are working in this area-to check/minimise accidents on roads.

TalkSol is one such effort in this direction,

Only difference is

`Talk less,Solutions more`, to bring positive change in the ground realities, by involving all stakeholders including particularly youth & civic society.

Vijay K. SalujaConvenor-TalkSol
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