Sanjay Bihari-The Social & Religious Personality

S.S. Dogra

He  is hailing from
village Kateyan, Ekma, District Chappra(Saran) Bihar. Born on 11th
March, 1974.  He keeps himself busy in
organizing religious programmes from time to time. He even founded a Temple of
Shera Wali in Sector-1, Dwarka in 2006. The temple is made up in the area of  250 Sq. Yards.

The temple has  idols of  
Shera Wali, Ram Darbar, Shiv Parivar,  Radha Krishna, 
Sankat Mochak  Hanuman, Shani Dev.
Now, you can guess who is this fellow. Yes, you are right he is none other than
Mr.Sanjay  Bihari.  He is very much influenced with the grace
of  Shera Wali (Vaishno) Mata.  He went to Vaishno Devi around 25 times. He
believes that whatever achieved in his life, the credit goes to Mata. Actually,
he got an inspiration from his mother to worship Vaishno mata.  His father retired from Army and started his
business in real estate.  In the
childhood, he played cricket with prominent players but could not play the game
on high level due to some unavoidable reasons.

In the beginning, his father gave away him a shop to do the
business in  real estate but surprisingly
his father sold the same shop immediately. But he never gave up,  and before vacating  the shop he made a property deal and get good
opening in this new business. After that he never looked  behind and rest is the story.

According to Sanjay Bihari, he is always ready to support the
honest and needy people only. He is really a devotee follower of  Shera Vali Mata and during mata ke jagran he
himself sings song continuously for more than five to eight hous because he is
emotionally attached to the goddess.  He
regularly organizes bhandara on every Tuesday & Friday, during Navratre
festivals he organizes  bhanda on Asthami
on a large scale.

He has successfully founded the temple in Dwarka Sector-1.Now,
he has taken an initiative  to make a
feature film on Mata Rani Ka Mandir . 
The film will be made with big & popular stars.  As he is a god fearing person and loves  to work for the development  and betterment of the society.