Prem babu Sharma

Laxmi and Suraj mutually decide that they will break the news in front of the family that they are planning to get a divorce, after the Maha Puja gets over. Unfortunately Shobhna steals the divorce papers and threatens Suraj Laxmi that she will spill the beans during the Puja which will humiliate Kaveri and Harsuk in front of the entire biradari.                                                                                                   

The day of the Maha Puja Laxmi goes missing and Shobhna gets her moment of glory thinking that Laxmi has chickened out of the situation and she will get a chance to present Ragini as Suraj’s girlfriend to all. Laxmi on the other hand finds out that Ragini is cheating on Suraj and confronts her.
Laxmi manages to get the divorce papers back from Shobhna and also confides in Kaveri about her plans of getting a divorce. Laxmi manages to win Kaveri’s confidence, sits for the Maha Puja and assures Kaveri that she is still the Bahu of the house and will never leave Suraj.
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