Kids teeth examined at Shemrock School, Dwarka

Citizen’s Reporter


Dr Ashu Gupta, Dwarka’s Kid Dentist has been actively encouraging play/ pre-schools to include dental care in the skills that they impart to their students/ kids. She regularly visits such schools and checks the teeth of children. Having worked in Alder Heys Children’s Hospital, Liverpool earlier, Dr Ashu Gupta, MDS repeatedly emphasizes that children learn proper brushing techniques at this age and it is very important that parents encourage them to brush twice a day.

Of the 42 children that Dr (Mrs.) Gupta examined at Shemrock, Dwarka on 17th August, more than ten had cavities. Surprisingly none of these children had visited a dentist! Parents need to routinely visit a children’s dentist such that these problems can be identified and treated earlier. Surprisingly, Dwarkas’ Dentist for Kids, has found a growing prevalence of crowding in milk teeth, which indicates lack of solid foods in kids’ diet. This also means that such children, if not treated in childhood, will develop crooked teeth as they grow older, and will need braces. “Prevent it, get it corrected now!” says Dr Ashu Gupta, our very own Kid Dentist.

Dwarka has a number of play/ preschools that cater to the needs of an ever expanding workforce in Dwarka. Children between the ages of  2-4 are encouraged to express themselves and learn basic skills at such schools.

“Care of teeth starts from the age of six months”- as soon as the first teeth begins to form in the child’s jaw. Gentle cleaning and massage of the dental bud helps the child cope with the pain and discomfort of his/her first teeth eruption. Soft baby toothbrushes should be used since then to keep the teeth clean.