Seminar on RTI at Metro View Apartment, Dwarka

Sushil Kumar
A seminar on RTI was organized by Dwarka Forum on 24.5.2009 at RWA office of Metro View Apartment, Sector 13 B. Many delegates, Representatives of RWA’s of Sector-13 and 14 participated in the event. All office bearers and founder members were also present at the occasion.

In the welcome address Sushil Kumar, General Secretary of the Forum emphasized the need of involvement of people in seeking information under RTI Act as it forces in delivering of the services by the Govt.Agencies.

Rejimon CK, President of the Forum explained the effectiveness of the Act in better governance. He further stated that every one should contribute at least one hour in a month for the betterment of the society.

Dr. H D Goyal, VP of the Forum elobrated the various provisions of the Act and shared his vast experience in this field.

Ashok Chaitanya, Legal Advisor of the Forum explained the technical aspect of the Act.He also explained how this right can be exercised without having much difficulties.
Question-Answer session was also organized where lots of questions were put up which were answered by M K Gupta, Founder member of the forum with technical support from Anil Nayal, Treasurer of the Forum and Sunil Sareen, Founder member of the Forum.
Rajiv Slolanki of the Forum, Aswani Kumar and Swapan Das from Sector-14 filled RTI also at the occasion.

M Prasad President of RWA Metro View, Virender Bisht, President, RWA Sectror-14, Sahilesh Singh, General Secretary Sector 14(2) , S S Jha, Member RWA appreciated the effort of the Forum and confirmed to use this tools for solving the problems of respective RWA. Shailesh Thakur, President of Sambhaw Samiti also graced the occasion.

It was also decided that such event will be organized on regular basis at different Sectors of Dwarka.

Meeting was ended with a vote of thaks proposed by Vinod Rawat, General Secretary, Metro View Apptt. and photo session.