Sesame Workshop India launches ‘Chamki Ki Duniya’ on its YouTube channel on the International Day of the Girl Child

Sesame Workshop – India ,the Indian arm of Sesame Workshop, the internationally renowned non-profit media and educational organization behind Sesame Street in a bid to help all children achieve their full potential and educate them against stereotypes and discrimination today on the  ‘International Day of the Girl Child’ launched  Chamki Ki Duniya, an all-new playlist on its Hindi YouTube channel.

The International Day of the Girl Child is observed annually on October 11, a date set by the United Nations to urge the global community to empower and amplify the voices of young girls around the world. The theme, this year is “The gender digital divide in connectivity, devices, and use, skills and jobs is real,” ,to to bridge the gender digital divide that exists in diverse skills and jobs worldwide.

Sesame Workshop Known for creating edutainment content with children’s favourite furry muppet characters, has launched Chamki Ki Duniya featuring Chamki, a Five -year-old inquisitive school-going girl to entertain children and families while also opening doors for conversations about gender equality. A warm, sensitive and friendly girl, who loves to go to school, Chamki is always surrounded by her gang of friends, who love playing games, making music and solving mysteries around them.

Chamki ki Duniya addresses topics such as early literacy, creative thinking and reasoning, family and community life, healthy habits, appreciating cultural plurality and many more via compelling and humorous stories, music and art. Chamki Ki Duniya will feature 39 episodes over 2 seasons, 21 of which have been released as part of its first season, the remaining will follow in the second season. While each of the episodes are fun and engaging stories for children strategically themed on socio-emotional well-being, health, environment, they keep the idea of gender equality at its heart., so that children can break free from gender norms & stereotypes and achieve their full potential.

Commenting on the launch of the playlist, Sonali Khan, Managing Director, Sesame Workshop India said, “Young children observe and learn, which is why it’s important to provide a caring environment for our children at homes and in the communities. This will help them grow up to be sensitive adults and make them smarter, stronger and kinder. Chamki, the key protagonist in our playful series is an intelligent, curious, problem solver and a champion of girl power. We hope to engage families to enable girls to fulfil their aspirations, build their confidence, self-esteem and provide them a supportive ecosystem so that girls achieve their potential to the fullest, without any bias.”

To meet the early childhood developmental needs, Sesame Workshop India has been creating fun learning and edutainment content for young children from last 15 years. They have been very active in the last one year on their Hindi YouTube channel where they have released 6 new series and almost 200 videos with messages and lessons for children that are simple and fun for children to engage with.

From health & well-being, language, math & literacy, critical thinking and problem solving – to – parenting strategies to help children cope with big feelings or loss of loved ones, Sesame Workshop India, Hindi YouTube channel offers children and caregivers, both with great value of content and experience. The channel has grown double fold in the last one year and has strengthened its subscriber-base by 90%.

About Sesame Workshop – India:

Sesame Workshop – India is the Indian arm of Sesame Workshop, the internationally renowned non-profit media and educational organization behind Sesame Street, the pioneering television show that has been reaching and teaching children since 1969. We reach kids in their earliest years to provide them access to life-changing early education, critical health lessons, and helpful tools for tough situations via a combination of television, radio, digital media, mobile technologies, and community outreach across 11 states in India. For more information, log on to