For millions: it’s not over !! Cyclone Phailin & floods- an urgent appeal ..

With extensive attention all across the world, it came and went. For a few days Cyclone Phailin in Odisha was all over the media and among people. We all spoke about the effective evacuation and how life loss was minimized.. certainly a commendable job!! BUT what hasn’t made it to the world’s attention, is the massive aftermath – the ravage caused across the state. Today even when news of this calamity has faded out, more than 12 million people in 16000 villages, 15 districts, over 4.00 lakh houses are left devastated. Figures much bigger than many previous disasters !!

Survivors are left homeless, struggling to resettle in barren lands. Schools, houses, fields, personal belongings to basic food, everything is still a huge issue for millions.

Goonj has been working in Odisha for many years now. This time the fading attention and the growing need is a tough challenge. We are trying to do our bit but the scale of the crisis calls for a much bigger action. This is urgent, not because of present scenario but also because winters are setting in, which will soon make life much tougher for millions.
Please refer- for the immediate relief material list and to organise camps.

For financial contributions, refer- .

If you missed out detailed update on 3 months of our work in Uttarakhand, please refer-
Do spread the word.. looking forward to your active role..

With best

Anshu Gupta
Founder Director