Yoga for Heart care-AKP Healing India

What if a few simple yogic stretches and breathing exercises could make you feel good (especially your heart)! Yoga for healthy heart asanas are a preventive measure and are beneficial as a curative one too. And with no side-effects, except a feeling of greater peace and health. Theme for 2019 world yoga day is “Yoga for Heart”.

Yoga is a relaxing combination of asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation. Every yoga pose has a particular effect on the respiratory system and therefore, affects the heart. The benefits include:
Lower blood pressure.
Increase lung capacity.
Lower bad cholesterol levels.
Improved heart rate
Boost blood circulation.

Yoga is effective in dealing with stress and pressure. That, itself, can heal a heart patient.

Dr. Amit Kaur Puri 
Founder and President AKP Healing India