Some hope for Dwarka Court Lawyers…

Some glimmer of hope for Dwarka Court Lawyers; Review Committee to hear DCBA Office Bearers today on their representation regarding bifurcation of judicial districts affecting jurisdiction of Dwarka Court.

After ten days’ of strike; Dwarka Court Lawyers now can see some light at the end of the tunnel; however any concrete solution still seems to slightly away from them . During last ten days , Dwarka Court Bar Association Members have been running from pillars to post to achieve their objective i.e. “Justice at door-steps” for common people from six police stations(earlier within Jurisdiction of Dwarka Court), who have been adversely affected by Delhi High Court Order Dated 19.2.2013.In the process, so far they have met Lieutenant Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, others concerned from Delhi High Court etc..

As a result of all these efforts, Law Deptt. of Delhi Govt revived the committee to review the bifurcation of Judicial Districts to address to the concerns of Dwarka Court Lawyers. Subsequently, on 8th march,Dwarka Court Bar Association Office Bearers had submitted their representation also to Additional Secretary(Law)/Convenor of the review committee.

Today i.e. on 11th March, the review committee members have invited Dwarka Court Bar Association Office bearers to formally hear them on their representation regarding bifurcation of judicial districts affecting jurisdiction of Dwarka Court.

In the mean time, even public representatives i.e. concerned MPs,MLAs and Municipal Councilors have also been trying to contribute to their efforts in order to help achieve main objective of strike i.e. Justice at door step for common people from their areas. In this regard, the efforts of West Delhi MP, Mr. Mahabal Mishra is notable. He has been trying to use his good relations with LG, CM, and other senior officers of Delhi Govt. in order to help achieve solution at the earliest.

In a nutshell, as the situation stands today, positive outcome seems to be in sight; however when the same shall be reached, it remains uncertain. Considering the outcome of today’s hearing before the review committee and response of review committee members, Dwarka Court Bar Association would decide what would be the next course of their action. However, in the mean time, in the absence of any concrete outcome, strike of Dwarka Court lawyers is likely to continue even tomorrow i.e. on 12th march also.


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