HAPPY LIVING – Residents of Dwarka!

Vijay K. Saluja

Why do we expect that our colony is kept well-maintained by the local authorities? That electricity is received in our flats, all the twenty four hours, at the desired voltage, without any fluctuation. That the water pumps are switched on at fixed hours in the morning. That the roads are dug up, by various utilities, in a well co-ordinated manner & remain properly resurfaced all around the year, so that our vehicles keep on providing us bump-free rides. That during rains, rain water gets drained away quickly, without flooding the parking lots, main roads & colony roads/walkways. That the garbage bins/dalaos are cleared properly & regularly & garbage trucks visit the colony with clock like precision. The list of expectations, of the residents, from the local authorities, runs almost endless!?

But, have we ever asked ourselves a question, as to what sort of efforts, we, the residents are putting in, to improve the existing state of affairs/matters & lending helping hands to the efforts of local authorities, police & para-statal agencies. The honest answer to the same would be-Hardly any/much effort?!

Some may ask, Why should we do it? Isn`t it the duty of the Govt/local authorities to provide all the civic services?
But, agreed, even, if it is their duty to do so, what about, if there are some gaps & things are not up the mark/expectations? Do we keep on criticizing, ruing our fate or take appropriate actions to find out the reasons & lend helping hands to the local authorities.

In my various articles , in this blog, during the last six months, I have tried to dwell upon the not so satisfactory & at places pathetic state of civic services in various areas, of this well laid out & sprawling colony- therein trying to cajole, coax, incite & motivate the readers in DWARKA to react positively towards at-times appalling state of garbage disposal, dumping of building rubbish, along the roads & green spaces, unsafely designed/maintained road-dividers, stray dogs, cows & bulls, encroachment in the corridors of markets & parking lots But, surprisingly there has hardly been enough positive responses/reactions & efforts to jointly address the existing problems & state of affairs for the improvement of various sectors , the colony & the markets.

Some may say, why should they respond to my articles? Who am I? What is my locus standi? Am I, some sort of a leader or local representative? There can be as many questions, about my motives for writing these articles etc etc?! Well, John F Kennedy said `Expect not what your country [here read local authorities] can do, but, what you can do for your country[local authority].My motivation is/ could have been his `this` famous saying or the fond hope, that we all together, can improve things, even in an hopeless situation.

However, What does it [ apathy of the residents] all indicate?

Isn`t a very clear signal that most of the residents, RWA`s, TWA`s, managements of very prominent schools in this area & many civil-society groups operating out of this area, are fairy satisfied with the existing state of civic services/affairs, in Dwarka?

May be, I am wrong or have more expectations for this colony, in which I live?
Just, think it over.

Though, I am happy to observe that certain members of Dwarka Forum are ,certainly doing commendable jobs and my complements to the team of Dwarka Parichay for regularly highlighting all the news & civic issues of Dwarka in a well brought out e-newsletter.

Together, we can & will make a difference.

Writer is Senior Fellow ISS, www.issin.org
& Ex chief Engineer[civil], New Delhi Municipal Council