Reel Vs Real Life-Bring the Super Stars down to Ground Zero

Rakesh Manchanda

Both Salman and Arvind Kejriwal are hard working, image conscious , larger than life actors and dream pedlars having millions of die hard fans.

So what if with Abuses ?
Both practice Hit and Run in private. So what if with Abuses ? Both wish to buy goodwill of blind supporters as a trouble shooter on Screen.

Arvind Kejriwal is smarter and more organised to hide his wrongdoings and hidden crash driving of AAP after the recent Delhi AK-67 success.

He chops off legislative and executive branches of his own AAP Constitution and disallows any hearing in AAP using bouncers.

Salaman Khan stands in courtroom in tears when the judge asks his opinion as to how many years he should be jailed as all allegations against him today stand true.

Fans who perform Prayers and weep as when the icon image is in danger have their non negotiable menu.

Arvind Kejriwal removed his own neutral judge-AAP Lokpal illegally without any hearing.

For more interesting details have courage to read recent write up in Dwarka Parichay:

Both are adorable, promote Insaniyaat-`Being Human` but tend to run away from the truth and are occasional match fixers. Team management who can be their conscious keeper can help as both who wish to practice the public life of Convenience.

Fact remains that more symapthy and support due to unfair unequal power flow shall remain with super hero and lesser with the Aam Aadmi who dies as a victim. Victim may a farmer in a rally or a daily worker sleeping on the road side pavement.

Can the die hard fans rescue, improve and control their Icons.

Only a strong peoples movement with collective contribution in time can help overcome such speed-breakers put by blind supporters.