Sri VIS takes the step to mediate ‘the truth about Pornography’

Sri Venkateshwar International School, sector 18 Dwarka, November 27, 2015: Sri Venkateshwar International School organized a didactic workshop on “Commotion-The truth about pornography” on November 27, 2015. The workshop was conducted by the team of Commotion India, where the myths about pornography surrounding our society were conversed. The session was led by Mr Dexter Sam, Ms Shruti and Mr Ashish.

The workshop was followed by a brief question and answer session where the students’ queries regarding the effects of pornography were met. The resource persons explained how watching porn can be addictive and maltreat one’s mental and physical health. They also discussed about the recent ban on pornography, the mindset of Indian men and issues related to gender bias.

The workshop proved to be an informative session for the students and served as an awareness lesson to the young minds. Commotion India also released its annual magazine issue ‘Recess’ that carried an article by the School Principal Ms Nita Arora, where she had specifically mentioned that the school leader should remain a teacher, a learner first and try to inculcate leadership in all.