Delhi Poetry Circle formed for literature lovers

A Multilingual Poetry Meet of the newly formed group “Delhi Poetry Circle” (DPC) was held on 15 March 2015 at 3 pm in the Senior Citizen’s Recreation Centre, located in the M.C.D. Park, Sector-6, Dwarka. Dr. Prasannanshu presided over the function and Mr. Prem Bihari Mishra did the stage management, while Mr. Tarachand ‘Nadaan’, the Joint Secretary, organized the programme with assistance of Mr. Prem Bihari Mishra, Secretary and Virender Mansotra, Treasurer of the group. Dr Prasannanshu, Mr. Mishra and Mr. Mansotra recited their poems in English, Hindi and Punjabi respectively. Mr. Sharma also recited his poems in Hindi.

Delhi Poetry Circle (DPC) was floated by Mr. Prem Bihari Mishra and Dr. Prasannanshu with a few likeminded people who believe in the promotion of poetry and literary activities. “DPC has been floated with an aim of providing the poets with a forum to come together to interact, and share their works”, said Dr. Prasannanshu, the President of the Group. “It also aims at helping poets reach the reading public by means of publication, broadcast and meetings. DPC also plans to bring out a poetry journal, in addition to holding regular poetry meetings”, he further said. The launch of the new group was pretty successful with 40 well-known poets attending the meet and presenting their poems. It was not just any gathering of poets, but a very special one, as the event was a multilingual one. A collection of poems written by Mr. Virender Mansotra was also released during the function with gusto.

DPC believes in promotion of national integration by bringing together different languages on the same platform. The poets who attended the meet recited their poems in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu. These poets included Dr. Kirti Kale, Dr. Chandramani Brahmdutt, Dr. Shabana “Nazeer”, Mr. Ashok Verma, Mr. Jai Singh Arya, Mr. Rajender Chugh, Ms. Sushma Bhandari. Many other accomplished poets of Delhi and NCR area e.g. Dr. Bhavana Shukla, M. Nasir “Nazeer”, Mr. Anil Verma “Meet”, Mr. Arvind Yogi, Mr. Ashok Sharma, Mr. Astitv “Ankur”, Mr. D.C. Nagar, Mr. Dhruv Kumar Gupta, Mr. Dinesh Soni Manjar, Mr. G.S.Josh, Mr. Gajender Pratap Singh, Mr. M.L. Ahuja, Mr. Manish “Madhukar”, Mr. Manohar Luthra, Mr. Naresh Yadav, Mr. R.K.Aggrawal, Mr. Rajender Bhandari “Raj”, Mr. Ramesh Gengle , Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Mr. Shiv Shankar Goel, Mr. Shwetabh Pathak, Mr. Sukhwant Singh, Mr. Sukvarsh Kanwar “Tanha”, Mr. Ved Prakash Kanwar, Ms. Alka Sinha, Ms. Neena “Sahar”, Ms. Saifali Surabhi, Ms. Sukshm Lata Mahajan, Ms. Tripti Mathur, Prof. S.P. Sudesh, besides Dr. Prasannanshu, Mr. Mishra, Mr. Mansotra and Mr. “Nadan”.

“People interested in promotion of quality literature in India are most welcome to join Delhi Poet Circle as Member, Founder member or Patron and contact us on ‘’ ”, said Shri Prem Bihari Mishra, Secretary DCA.