MBS International School organized the Teacher Training Seminar

“Engaging Role of a Teacher in the Dynamic Changing Scenario”

MBS International School organized the Teacher Training Seminar on Saturday, October 6,2018 on “Engaging Role of a Teacher in the Dynamic Changing Scenario” in collaboration with Headword Publications. Ms. Inderjeet Kaur, School Advisor, welcomed the Guest speaker Dr Anil Sethi ,Mr Gaurav and teachers from different schools and also highlighted the importance of the session by encouraging the teachers to take away the best out of the session. It was then followed by Theatre Show by renowned theatre artists of Poorvabhyas Theatre Group who delighted the audience with their mesmerizing performance in a play called ‘Ms Sun and Mr. Moon’.

With the motto of “I am the Best and I Can do it,” Dr. Anil Sethi, Founder-G. K. Group of Companies, member of the board of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra and associate member of Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science, a well-known motivator & trainer & one of the sought after speaker came up with an amazing seminar on how to live an empowered life for teachers with values and ethics in-tact within and great sense of gratitude and thankfulness towards all those who have brought them up and acted as catalysts in their successful existence and survival.

The main objective of the workshop was capacity building of teacher educators and school teachers. The interactive seminar ensured 100% engagement and involvement of a huge gathering of more than 100 participants. It revived and bolstered the morals of all present there and served as an eye-opener, a key revelation to their deep inner qualms and dogmas. The videos shown brought in an inner awareness and a deep sense of consciousness and self realization and enforced them to question their quintessence of the objectives of coming into the world as humans and playing the role of teacher. The workshop ensured that value-system is strengthened from its roots to the tips and made each one in the auditorium confront with their past deeds. It also acquainted them with the changes in behaviour of students and how to tackle them. The session ensured rolling in and swinging emotions, passions and sensations within each and every participant.

To conclude the session, a trophy of “Most Participative Teacher” was awarded leaving everyone delighted, ecstatic and enthusiastic towards one’s life. The Valedictory address encapsulated all the learning through a Zen story on filling minds with new and up surging ideas and empowering thoughts ensured a concrete & substantial take-away of life.