SUKH DUKH KE SATHI SANSTHA is active in sectors 20 to 23 of Dwarka
since past two years in maintaining friendly interaction among likeminded
people and providing selfless service to the civil society. The Sanstha
recently planted about 500 trees and shrubs in the area, with the help of the Horticulture
Department. The Sanstha members and their families could often be seen checking
and nurturing these trees. The intensive greenery drive of the Sanstha inspired
even road walkers and nearby residents to join hands in this noble cause. 

On the flip side, some callous tree slaughters also exist in our
society. During last week, one of the watchful Sanstha members saw about ten
persons cutting bulky branches of trees in front of Janki and Sadbhawna
Apartments in Sector-22 of Dwarka, in a most haphazard and un-concerned manner.
When asked, they replied that they were from a Government department and were
authorized to do so but, could not produce any identification proof or
authority letter. The Sanstha member could stop them from cutting the trees
after calling a Horticulture Department Officer and warning them of police
Surprisingly, the same persons were seen cutting the trees again,
three days later. The vigilant Sanstha member immediately rushed to stop them. Unfortunately,
the ruthless persons had badly damaged at least ten trees, by that time. The
matter was reported by the Sanstha to the Forest Department, who immediately
inspected the site for further necessary action.

Incidentally, a High Tension Electric Line is passing above the said
trees. However, if some portion of these trees was coming in the way of the
electric line, the obstructing portions should have been carefully groomed instead
of spoiling the trees. It appears that since the grooming would have been a
time consuming and repetitive exercise, the cruelty prevailed and complete
branches and parts of the stems were butchered as a one time solution,
regardless of the fact that cutting of more than 15cm diameter branches of green
trees is a punishable offence.
Thanks to the vigil of SUKH DUKH KE SATHI SANSTHA and timely action
taken by its member, which could save many more trees from being slaughtered
this time. The quick action and co-operation extended by the Horticulture and
Forest Departments in this event is also praise worthy. But, who knows that how
many trees are being damaged by such hardnosed people at other places? This
definitely needs a thorough enquiry and an immediate fool proof arrangement by
concerned departments e.g. underground wiring and so on, in the interest of
necessary conservation of trees and greenery for protection of the environment.