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Waste of Fuel by Govt Vehicles and its RAMPANT MISUSE
Dear Dr. Manmohan Singhji,
In your speech addressed to the nation mentioned of fuel waste”Let us reduce wasteful consumption of petrol” . Appreciate your concern that too on the eve of World Environment Day.
1. Now who will BELL THE CAT ? Look at the Govt Vehicles running across National Capital Delhi. Almost all of them either on Diesel or Petrol.
Hardly one could find them running on CNG/ LPG/ Electricity?
2. You will find the rampant Misuse of Govt Vehicle by none other than Higher Authorities. From Morning School Drop/Pickup, During Lunch hours near
some restaurants, In the evening Markets and late evening at Private Functions, one could find these Govt Vehicles..? Are they been designated to use
for these purpose ???
3. What stops Govt officials use public transport system? Public transport is only for common man and tax payers?.
Look at almost all Govt officials Residential Colonies WELL CONNECTED with Public Transport System, why they are not encouraged to use public transport and
given LUXURY of Govt Cars to pickup?
4. Concerning LPG: Look at the misuse of category. Almost 90% restaurants and including Cafeteria and Canteens in Govt building may find LPG Cylinders designated for
Home are used instead of COMMERCIAL Cylinders?.
5. Diesel: Why Diesel is given out subsidised for Commercial Use? Almost all major cities have nothing to with Agriculture. So the Diesel sold should not have any subsidy.
After all the subsidy comes from Taxpayers? which accounts and accurate remittance mainly from SERVICE CLASS.
We appreciate you and your office will take this matter in the priority areas for IMPLEMENTATION in true spirit and in consultation with Department of Personal, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy.
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What does not make sense at all is why Kerosene remains untouched. Through the ration shops, when available, it sells at around 30Rs/litre in Delhi not for the control price of Rs9. The story is similar all over the country. Ergo the discount meant for the poor is not reaching the poor. So why continue with such a system and this discount? Kerosene available at such discounted prices is being used as a mixer in petrol and illegitimate money thus earned is rumoured to line the pockets of many noble souls we elect as lawmakers as well as ‘public servants’. The highest sale of kerosene is in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. These also have the distinction of being the States with the higher VAT levy – a wonderful credential for the people friendly communist governments of these States.
Is the purpose of this discount to protect the revenue stream of those who prop up this fragile coalition? The poor voters are certainly not fooled by all these promises of discount for them. But perhaps this does not matter since the ballot box is becoming increasingly irrelevant.
How can this country prosper with such policies of appeasement? In the end it is the dream team which will carry the can! Worth thinking about. Anant Trivedi

Well, the initiative is exemplary. But whatever has been said, is known to all, even to those who are indulging in it. Whether you start looking from the Top or from the bottom, indulgence is there. Factually, these are Statements just to be made. The shoes of these wearers do not pinch so they do not feel the pain. Or if the shoe gives pain, they simply replace it with a better one (a costlier one). Their vision of a poor is absolutely different. For more than four years, the plight of the poor farmers remained in oblivion, and when the situation stared in their face, generosities started showering. The Mah govt has approved to spend thousands of crores in competition to Shiv Sainiks – where are the Poor People in this project.
You yourself know how and why the CGHS Scam started. Who made hues and cries, and where it stands now. Its a socio-political gamut of the big players. And the most affected person is the SUFFERER. One who is NOT IN THE GAME. Mind it, in this socio-political gamut, the Ruling Party or the Opposition DONOT get affected.
Please be aware that the rise in the prices, does not affect these players. Well, they do intend to take care of their Vote-bank, and that too near about the Elections. I cant say whether placing a mirror before the face will change the system.
But don’t get disheartened. Tomorrow, may be different. “NOT RECOMMENDED” can become “NOTE RECOMMENDED”. Kuldeep Sharma

It is not important that we all know. This is also not important that the shoes of these wearers do not pinch or if the shoe gives pain, they simply replace it.The important is how much we feel it and at least try to make them feel.We are in system where Judge even can not convict anyone only on the ground that he knows the culprit.Similarly,we have to express it in a way so that they can at least understand that we are in pain.The unfortunate part from the people that most of the time we do not react unless something hearts very badly.May be because of either we have enough capacity of tolerance or so much selfish.Media is also highlighting the issues but it has some commercial obligation too.That is why it always takes balance approach.
Sir, you talk about CGHS Scam.From the very beginning these societies were taking premium money for membership but no one objected it.I am sure most of the victims today must had information about.But till the time it fired no one cared.Now we all can see the heat.How we can say we are not in game?I am sorry but most of upper/lower middle class have never given any indication that they know but not react.Fact of the matter is that they know it and simply ignore it.Either they feel inferior to rich or superior to poor.If everything is for vote bank why we are far behind even though we are big in numbers.
Tomorrow,we will see what will happen?Let me remind “hope is a good breakfast but bad supper”. If we can not take care of our self how can we help poor? For talking about poor our so called politician are enough. Sushil

It is very true , that when ever I have to purchase kerosene , during the last 20 years , i have been buying it at black market rate as on today it is available @ Rs. 30.0 , so why govt. make it to Rs. 30.00 instead of increasing the prices of Diesel & petrol, to cover the losses. Purshotam Behl