P.B. Mishra

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi Sanstha started its Annual Tree Plantation Program with the celebration of World Environment Day on 16th June 2012 and a splendid painting competition of children with focus on labour class. In this endeavor, the Sanstha further planted 100 saplings of ‘Bouganvilla’ and 40 of ‘Kaner’ on 14th Ju;y 2012, along the boundary wall of the park behind Maneesh Mall in Sector-22 Dwarka, in collaboration with the staff of Horticulture Department of the DDA. On this occasion, Vice President of the Sanstha Shri S.P.S. Chauhan expressed his special thanks for praise worthy effort and co-operation of Dy. Director (Horticulture) Shri Prem Chand, Section Officer Shri Subhash, Supervisor Shri Yad Ram and their staff.

Convener of the program Capt SS Mann urged that the environment is a matter of serious concern now and because the trees play a vital role in purifying the air and maintaining ecological balance,more and more people should join hands with the Sanstha members in this noble cause. Shri DC Mathur, a coordinator member of the Sanstha informed that the Sanstha members planted more than 500 trees and shrubs last year just before arrival of monsoon and it is amazing to observe that most of those plants have survived as a result of intensive care by the Sanstha members in nurturing them, throughout the year. There have been occasions when water supply system of the parks became faulty and the Sanstha members brought water from their homes and nearby areas to water the plants. It was very pleasant to see on this occasion that Sanstha member Shri Sunil Sharma celebrated his birthday at the same venue and distributed sweets and snacks to the participants, labourers, horticulture staff and their children. General Secretary Shri Shashi Kant Kapoor expressed the hope that such programme will inspire others also to follow the suit.