TalkSol – Safety on Roads

Here are some more data/facts about safety on roads[ref SaveLIFE Foundation[ SLF]

50% of all road crash deaths in India could have been prevented if the victims received timely care.

Lives were in peril during commute by obstructive, stalled & stationery vehicles or vehicles carrying protruding construction materials which resulted in over 9000 road crash deaths in India every year.

Regular training of Police persons in techniques of Basic Trauma Life Support,to enable them to assist the injured with alacrity & skill is imperative.

Role of the bystanders/passers by can play a game changing role in saving peoples lives.3 out of 4 people in India are hesitant to come forward & help persons injured in a road accident & 88% of them attribute this hesitation to fear of legal & procedural hassles .These hassles include intimidation by police,unnecessary detention at hospitals & prolonged legal formalities.

Now,Good Samaritan Law has been been passed to help the friendly bystanders

4Es- Engineering, Enforcement ,Emergency Care & Education are the tried solutions for Road Safety,

More about it in the next piece

The urgent need is for all the stakeholders to sincerely work together if we have to minimise accidents on roads & lessens human misery.

Vijay K. Saluja

Director -Giraffe Heroes India