New Rashtriya CGH Society Ltd. elects its New MC !

As the tenure of the previous Management Committee of the New Rashtriya CGH Society Ltd. (Registration No. 1430 GH), Plot No. 15, Sector 18-A, Dwarka, New Delhi, was coming to a close, the MC of the Society, decided to hold fresh elections so that members could give their fresh mandate and choose their new representatives of the MC. In view of this, the Society, in its meeting held on the 2nd September, 2018, called a meeting with Shri K. Muralidharan (a competent member taken from the approved list of RCS to conduct elections of a CGH Society) and informed him that he has been appointed as Returning Officer and further requested him to start the process for holding elections for new MC of the Society.

In view of the above mentioned appointment, Shri Muralidharan, issued an Agenda Notice dated the 11th September, 2018, informing all the members of the Society to elect President (one post), Vice President (one post) and five other Executive Members of the Society and two posts in the MC are reserved for the women members.

Thus, as per declared election programme of the Returning Officer, elections for the constitution of new Managing Committee were held on the 7th October, 2018, and the following members were elected for the various posts of the New MC, as under : –

Name of the Member —-Elected for the Post
1.  Ravindra Verma             President
2.  Mrs. Geeta                       Vice President
3.  Raman Kumar Gaur            Secretary
4. Surinder Kumar Vats           Treasurer
5. R.D. Bhardwaj                  Executive Member
6. Sudhir Kumar Jain          Executive Member
7. Mrs. Munni Devi              Executive Member

Two friends of the Returning Officer, viz. S/Shri S.K. Gupta and S.D. Sharma also extended a helping hand to Shri Muralidharan in holding these elections smoothly and efficiently. We convey our best wishes for the new Managing Committee and hope that they put their best efforts for the betterment and improvement of the Society, so that rest of the members feel proud to elect them.

Citizen’s reporter :
R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”