Dwarka Hello Mom-An initiative by women for women

Divansha Mehta

Women, a word that makes you remember your mom or mother. It is said that women love is unconditional. She is strong, smart, hardworking and dedicated. “If a woman is educated then the whole family or country is educated,” – Rajalakshmi Kurup. 

Mrs. Kurup is a Social Activist and the President of Dwarka Hello Moms and a young lady with many dreams. Dwarka Hello Moms is a community made by ladies to help every mom to show their hidden talent and to give a direction to it. When asked about her goals in life as a social activist she said to literate every Indian woman. Further she said, “This wasn’t my career but it’s my passion to help others and I chose the name ‘Hello Moms’ because it is mother’s who led the house and make a family and India is known as ‘BharatMata’  and so I decided this name and being in Dwarka I named it as Dwarka Hello Moms.

Hurdles and failures are a part of life and when asked about it she said, “I accept these happily and move on in life but the worst thing is that people are not willing to help us and moreover we do not get any aid from government. It is all the volunteers who contribute and conduct events or programs. She also added that her main motto is to work for women.  She strongly believes that a woman is very dedicated and if she wants to do something she definitely achieves that and she is working to achieve ‘Padma Bhushan’ in this field. 

Samita Bagchi and Subhashree Mallick are two volunteers of Dwarka Hello Moms who are working selflessly with Mrs. Kurup since few  years. In the interview when asked about what made them chose this career, they said that it was their dream to help others and to provide a small help to the society.

We all have heard that team work makes a person successful but Dwarka Hello Moms is a live example of team work.