5 days Hum Kishore Festival of UVCT inaugurated in Dwarka

Articulating point of views….  

Jullu, a South African tribal community used to play pebbles with the diamond anonymously of its worth. To make best use of in hand opportunity, one should recognize its value first’ as told by Br. Leonard Lobo, Principal- St. Columba’s School on the opening ceremony of 4th Hum Kishore Festival organized by Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust at UVNAC (Urivi Vikram National Centre for Adolescents), Dwarka . He further added ‘very few people get a chance to express their talent’ & you (participants) are fortunate that the organization like Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust has given you a diamond opening to present your inner talent and skills. You should know how to make best use of it.’

The opening ceremony was followed by two contests namely Rang De Basanti (On the spot painting contest for juniors) and We Lecture (Elocution). There were 45 students of 30 different schools competed for the two contests. All the participants well portrayed the theme ‘Nature is beautiful’. The participants of elocution were given to speak on the themes ‘India’s Obsession -Cricket & Bollywood: Are they helping in our progress?’ and ‘Discipline and success are interlinked’. Most of the participants opted for the first theme and presented their logical perspectives in the given short span. The contest ‘We Lecture (Elocution)’ was carried out in two rounds to decide the winners.

Each contest was judged by the panel of three experts. The winners of the Rang De Basanti were Shivani Gupta- Shiksha Bharti School, Kuldeep Meena-NK Bagrodia School and Akshita Gupta- GD Goyenka School. The winners of We Lecture contest were Sai Deepak-Andhra Education, Arjun Chowdhary-RD Rajpal School and Apuroopa-Vandana International School. Apart from this, three consolation prizes were also given to the participants.

Founder Chairman of UVCT
 Dr U N B Rao, IPS

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT), a non-governmental and non profit Organization, was established in India in 1991. It was founded by Dr U N B Rao, IPS and his wife, Urivi Chaya, in the memory of their only son Urivi Vikram, who died tragically in an accident at the age 21 years. UVCT has 11 centers functioning in five states – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana & Delhi and alliance with a number of other organizations and institution. UVCT has also expanded globally with setting up of UVCT USA chapter. In the year 2008, UVCT saccomplished a remarkable feat by establishing the first ever ‘National Centre for Adolescents’ named after Urivi Vikram and popularly called UVNAC. UVCT strives for the empowerment of adolescents and its priority target group comprises school-going children, drop-outs, under-achievers and underprivileged adolescents. UVCT has a motto of finding ways and means to transform the world’s ‘Burden of Population’ into ‘Assets of Human Resources’, through a process of empowerment, rather than of control.