The Love is that which gives smile, pleasure to others…..mean LOVE ALL.

“Love All” means something very positive. Yes, you can believe that this novel is written by a dedicated Sports Journalist who is presently working for Mahua Channel as Chief Sports Editor. He is none other than Mr. Manish Sharma who is a young man with versatile personality. Mr. Sharma is a firm believer of Almighty.

This story is consists of true story of many journalists, and has been woven in to one, LOVE ALL, and it must read to all lovers, Mass Communication students, lovers, parents, because it has message for all of them, and genuine message, which will teach to all a lot.

I didn’t take inspiration from anywhere….I was feeling fed up of routine work, so I thought that I must work on this as I always had belief, and dream as well to write a novel, and by the grace of God, my dream has come true.

According to Mr. Sharma “ Love is very pious thing, and those people are lucky, who fall in to it, and more so, achieve this. But, Love is not only between girl and boy. one has to prove him/herself for the mother, father, sister as well. Love is that, where there is no existence of greed, and selfishness. The Love is that which gives smile, pleasure to others…..mean LOVE ALL.

First attempt:
yes, it is my debut novel.

Upcoming project:
Yes, I am working on fiction, which is related to SACHIN TENDULKAR, and this is a unique concept, which has never ever been written.

I want to recommend to all that they would read LOVE ALL at least for once, and give honest feed back, like what is wrong…and what they liked etc……and above all ………….LOVE ALL…………..Thank you very much.

Interviewed by: S.S.DOGRA