This festive season, Zindagi lights up your screens with two blockbuster shows

Prembabu Sharma​

Zindagi, the channel that showcases beautiful stories will soon bring festive cheer into our homes. Titled Daam & Ashk, the channel’s two latest offerings, will premiere on 26th October and 29th October 2015 respectively. They are two beautiful stories that will grip us with their emotions.

Daam, airing on 26th October at 8.30pm, will question true friendship and love. It narrates the tale of two best friends, Zara and Maliha, whose bond remains unbroken despite their economic disparities. This seemingly unbreakable friendship faces a challenge when Maliha’s brother, Junaid, shows interest in marrying Zara. Maliha cannot fathom her friend from a lower social class as her possible sister-in-law. In an effort to break Zara & Junaid’s bond of love, she offers a friend a ‘daam’ to leave her brother.

The conflict between choosing love or money forms the core of this intense drama. With a stellar cast including Aamina Sheikh, Adeel Hussain, Sanam Baloch and Sanam Saeed, Daam sheds light on the social complications of life. Mehreen Jabbar’s masterpeice puts true love & best friendship to test and creates an amazing story for the viewers.

Ashk stars our favourite hero, Fawad Khan and premieres on 29th October at 9:30 pm. Ashk presents different manifestations of love to its viewers. It’s a story of Rohail (Fawad Khan) who lives in Turkey and has never experienced pain in love. His friend Madiha has only loved him but it’s not mutual. Breaking Madiha’s heart, Rohail leaves for Pakistan to marry his cousin Mehr-u-nisa, but on his arrival, rejects her and expresses his preference for her sister, Zaib-u-nisa. Both sisters share a strong bond and Rohail’s sudden change of heart leaves them in a lot of pain and angst. Zaib, however, agrees to marry Rohail just to take revenge for her sister. A phenomenal ensemble cast including heartthrob Fawad Khan & Mehreen Raheel amongst others portrays these complex emotions.