Tree plantation in park no. 3 & 4 in sector -23, Dwarka

150 plants like Amla, Jamun, Peepal, Neem and a few ornamental trees like Feroze Rajini, Champa, Gulmohar etc. were planted in parks 3 and 4 in sec-23. A dozen of students from Basava International School, 30 students from Paramount International School and 30 students from Indian Height School participated in the tree plantation program.

Mrs. Kamal Verma, President of Sheetal Vihar, retired Additional secretary, retired scientist of PUSA Agricultural Institute has agreed to supervise the parks. All the residents from 15 societies of the sec-23, senior citizens of Suk-dukh organisation and the presidents and secretaries of sec-22 and 23 were present. More than 100 members were present. Deputy Director Mr. Premchand, Assistant Director Mr. Dheenanath and Junior Engineer Mr. Walan were there to supervise tree planting program.