&TV’s Razia Sultan sets foot in the Capital City

Prembabu Sharma

The slave dynasty in the 13th Century had an emperor and her name was Razia Sultan. How she rose up the ranks proving her mettle is a story worth knowing! This progressive story from an era that’s dates back in history will unfold on &TV on March 2nd every Mon-Fri at 7:30 PM. The curtain raiser of this show was hosted today with producer Rahul Tewary along with the cast of the show – Razia (Pankhuri Awasthi) and Iltutmish (Sooraj Thapar). Produced by Swastik Productions, audiences will witness the grittiest storytelling, the grandest of sets; the most opulent of costumes come to life through stellar performances by artists par excellence.

Iltutmish (Sooraj Thapar) with Rahul Kumar Tewary, Swastik Productions and
 Razia (Pankhuri Awasthi) At the launch of Razia Sultan in Delhi
Talking about the show, Rahul Kumar Tewary, Swastik Productions said, “After Mahabharat we wanted to make a historical series on the first and the last woman emperor of the Delhi Sultanate and &tv seemed the right platform. The channel agreed to our vision for the show and this untold story will unfold on 2nd March. Siddharth has created a unique world and we are certain, that the audience will resonate with Razia Sultan’s tale.”

Said Pankhuri Awasthi, “We often talk about meritocracy and gender equality but this thought was exercised successfully in the Slave Dynasty way back in the 13th century.The character of Razia Sultan was way ahead of her time and her father Iltutmish had the courage to believe in his daughter to be the worthy successor of his throne. I am thoroughly excited to have had this opportunity to portray such a powerful character onscreen.”

Adds Sooraj Thapar, “Being a part of Razia Sultan has been an enriching experience. As an actor, one gets to dabble in various characters with distinct personalities. And I am certain Iltutmish as
a father will stand out.”