UN adopts India’s resolution to have 21st June as Yoga Day: India set to restore past glory of being world-leader

Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist

Indian Prime Minister deserves all compliments for setting trend to restore ancient glory of India for becoming world-leader when his resolution to celebrate 21st June as ‘Yoga Day’ was adopted by United Nations General Assembly in record three-months time with a thumping support by 177 nations.

At a time when leaders rush for relating such important days of the year with birthdays of personalities, India proposed (and subsequently accepted) for 21st June to be Yoga Day based on solar system with this day being the longest day in the year. UN recognising Yoga Day will provide Indians mastering in Yoga for tremendous opportunities in countries of the world.
Now it is time that India marches ahead for further promotion of Sanskrit at such high global forums for serving the mankind through treasure of hidden science (medical and technological) in world’s oldest language which unfortunately diminished its existence even in country of its own origin. Researches on Ramayana and Mahabharat have proved that these are the real happenings and not mythological stories. Aspects and objects described in Ramayana and Mahabharat reveal that India in those days was much-more technologically advanced than the present era.