Upkeep of Dwarka & Civil Society

Kind attn.
Mr R.K.Singh
CE[c] DDA-Dwarka Zone

I recently learnt, that DDA has entrusted you with, the responsibility of the upkeep of Dwarka Zone!

I, take this opportunity, to congratulate you for this very challenging, but, to my mind, an interesting & a professionally satisfying assignment & send my BEST wishes.

Interesting, as there is a big scope of innovation & challenging, as it will need huge reserves of patience & close co-ordination with many other departments/organisations & the CIVIL-SOCIETY.

Well, to my mind, you will have a good advantage ,if the cards are played fairly & judiciously.

My experience as a former chief -engineer/project manager[Connaught Place] & superintending engineer[training & community relations] of New Delhi Municipal Council, is that fair/ proper co-ordination with all the stakeholders, will not only be a fruitful & productive exercise but, will be a soul-satisfying experience ,too?!

I, shifted in sector 22, after my superannuation from NDMC. It is heartening to observe that some members of the civil-society of sectors 22-23 have very active & positive approach in keeping these two sectors ,in particular ,well kept, in many areas of upkeep-roads, parks, greenspaces, water supply, traffic, community living, et al.

They have formed an NGO under the name `SUKH DUKH Kay SAATHI` & always are very concerned about the proper maintenance of these sectors & keep taking SUSTAINABLE actions, as, required for the same. I, also have become a member of this Sanstha.

I, observe, their moments of JOY & sometimes, disappointment, too. Dis-appointment, when they are unable to make much headway ,in getting

their community-grievances, attended despite much efforts, within a reasonable time?!

Why, it is happening, I ask myself?!

There could be many administrative reasons? overlapping jurisdictions, budget, staff-shortage, lack of clarity, some-time APATHY/dilution of values & ethics/EGO, negligence, lack of skills etc etc.

But,then ,this is the CHALLENGE, you & we have.

To find quick SOLUTIONS & ACT

I have discussed this in IBC,IIT,IRC,IRF & many other professional fora.

All feel,we can do it!


Vijay K. Saluja
DIRECTOR -Giraffe Heroes India
Senior Fellow,ISS,New Delhi
Former Chief Engineer[civil engg]-NDMC
Past President ,IIT Delhi Alumni Association
Satyendra K.Dubey Award Winner
Red & White Bravery Award Winner
CID Gallantry Award Winner
& recipient of many other prestigious awards & commendations for professional ethics