Foreign Delegates of UK visits Bindapur Extn. School under UKIERI Project. Dr.Mallikarjun K.S.

Recently, Govt. Co-Edu. Senior Secondary School, Bindapur Extension, New Delhi-59, had the privilege of hosting the delegates from United Kingdom under UKIERI(UK-India Education Research Initiative) an International Education Exchange Programme. A four member team represented by Mrs.Ruth Mary Tedstone, Mrs. Emma Jagne Davies, Miss Amiee Rebecca and Mr.Siman Christian Pascoe.
Foreign Delegates were escorted by Mr.Nitin TGT English and they arrived at 8.00 A.M. sharp a warm reception was given in India Traditional way of arti and pulling tilaks and garland by the students. Principal introduced the staff members one by one VKS, PTA and HOS of neighbouring Govt. Schools were also present and introduced to the delegates. Immediately they escorted to attend morning assembly. They observed morning assembly programme and a brief report on UKIERI and information about school was introduced by the Principal to the foreign delegates, followed by short cultural programme of Pyramid prepared by 40 students of class XI and colourful Marathi Dance. The visitors dazed to see the remarkable exemplary view , they started dancing along with the students as they could not resist the beats.

Mr.Simon Christian Pascoe and Mrs.Ruth Mary Tedstone addressed the students and staff with thanks for warm welcome, appreciation of discipline, morning assembly and cultural programme they astonishing to see the strength of the school and staff.

School staff with Foreign Delegates(UKIERI), V.K.S. and P.T.A. Members)

As the main focus of the visit is to see teaching, learning process in India. School and the activities carried cut under UKIERI project. So at 8.45 a.m. and Exhibition on UKIERI was inaugurated projects, charts, models prepared by the students of this school on Art n craft, dress, food, sports, tourism, transport, education, of Indian and U.K., they were excited to know the comparison and relation of UK and India through charts and drawings. They were happy to see Home Assignment notebooks, Teachers diary, Birthday cards and photographs of the school activities.

After the exhibition, there was Power Point presentation prepared by Mr. Jagvir TGT Maths and Mrs. Shilpy Jr. Faculty of Computer Science on glimpses of the school.

At 9.30 a.m. delegates visited Home Science Lab where students of class VIII were busy in Tie & Dye. Delegates interacted and quires were made on methods and procedure. Mrs. Kalpana PGT (H.Sc.) and Mrs. Shweta Singh T.G.T.(H.Sc.) explained about scheme of studies of H.Sc. and its activities. They delighted to see the arrangements in the Home Science Lab.

School staff with Foreign Delegates(UKIERI), V.K.S. and P.T.A. Members)

Afterwards they attended students involved in “Mehandni” in front of H.Sc. Lab. After breaks of 30 minutes i.e; at 10.15 a.m. they were taken to Science Lab where students of class IX were keen in Science Practicals on the Topic “To determine density of solids denser than water by using a spring balance & measuring cylinder.” There was discussion and interaction on the topic as well as on projects and charts displayed in the Lab. Delegates were enquired about size of Science Lab and number of students attending practicals.

Delegates observed two Teaching classes that is, Maths class in X taught by Mrs. Archana through done method and English in IX engaged by Mr. Nitin delegates appreciated involvement and handwriting of students.

At 10.45 a.m. delegates attended Conversation Session with 20 students of IX & XI students in CAL Lab. Students were asked few interesting questions on climate, teaching and discipline in the schools of UK and their experience of visit, impression about Indian culture and food etc.

After that, there was a brief concluding session in the Principals room along with VKS and PTA members (5 persons) in which delegates were made some suggestions like class size should have been small, students may be made more aware about UKIERI Project otherwise students and teachers are hardworking. Delegates left their memories by marking their pen in the visitor diary with appreciation and thanks. They left the school at 11.15 a.m. to GGSSS No.2, Uttam Nagar. This is memorable experience for students and staff of Govt. Co-Ed. Senior Secondary School, Bindapur Extension.