Vocal & Flute Recital casts magical spell

Late evening Saturday Pracheen Kala Kendra organized its Second quarterly Baithak in New Delhi under the series “Legends of Tomorrow” at Amaltas Auditorium, in collaboration with India Habitat Centre. Sh. Fareed Hasan, a young and talented artist of Delhi presented vocal recital and Spectacular Chetan Joshi cast magical spell with his soothing Flute recital. 

Chetan Joshi started learning bamboo flute in the Guru-Shishya parampara. His talent was nurtured under the keen and watchful eyes of some of the most revered Gurus of India. Overthe last more than three decades he has performed in innumerable concerts. Along this journey Chetan has evolved a unique style and introduced innovations in the sphere of flute playing which have become parts of his repertoire.

Born and grown up in the environment of music, Fareed hails from the musical lineage  of the renowned Dilli Gharana, where his cradle was literally surrounded by the Stalwarts of renowned artists. He would hear the Khayals and Bandishes from his illustrious maternal grandfather “Taan Samrat” Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan. He is paternal grandson of sarangi maestro Ustad Mohammed Ahmed Banney Khan and the eldest son of Nizamuddin Khan. He took his initial Taleem under Ustad Zafar Ahmed Khan and subsequently by his father and now has been learning the intricacies of the gayaki under the tutelage of Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, the Khalifa of Dilli Gharana. Inspiring, dedicated and promising talented Fareed reveals imagination and vocal agility to his recitals. 

Fareed began recital with popular raga Puriya Dhanashree with Vilambit and Drut Khayal. Fareed was impressive in establishing a rapport with the receptive audience in the next crisp Thumri in raga Gaur Malhar. He concluded his recital with melodious raga Malhar set to Madhya laya teen tal.

After Fareed’s Chetan Joshi took the centre stage to present Flute Recital. He unfolded the popular raga Purvi through an alaap, jod alaap and Jod jhalla and formed the raga form. He presented gats in Vilambit, Madhya and drut laya respectively. The audience was thrilled to relish the recital as Chetan doled out Madhya laya set to miyan ki malhar.

He conclude the recital with lok dhun. This concert was ably accompanied by talented Arshad Khan(Tabla) and MuradAli Khan(Sarangi),Zakir Dholpuri on Harmonium and Mihir Natta (Tabla). Kendra’s Registrar Dr. Shobha Koser and Secretary Sh. Sajal Koser honored the artists.