Tune With Our Own Personal God With Huna

Spiritual Healer

Huna is a potent occult secret coveted by the magicians of ancient Egypt and rediscovered by Hawaiian community. It is a power of incalculable worth and magnitude. In applying its power you will possess the ultimate incredible occult tool. It is an amazing psychological system of ancients which will perform miracle for you and take a giant step towards God-hood.

The word Kahuna means ”keeper of the secret ”.It was the ancient and forbidden knowledge. The kahunas were higher priests and extraordinary miracle workers of ancient Egypt practising the mind bogging magic tricks.

The huna is a simplified forms of magic-working based upon the human-psychology.

By implementing Huna knowledge you will get the ultimate power to transform your life from chaos to into that which you want it to be.

The God Within:

· The mystical kahuna practitioners believe that the God can only be reached through inner illumination.

· God is not in the heaven or anywhere else but within.
· Every person is potentially a God in his own right.
· Once we realise our God potentiality we gain the power to create and to destroy.
· True prayer or meditation is a communication with the inner God.
· One’s higher self is the God-self locating at about five feet above the head.

The God and Higher Self  Paradoxes:
· The kahunas were extremely practical in their beliefs. In praying they addressed their supplications to their higher selves rather than any remote God living in the heave or anywhere else.

· The ides of supreme God residing outside is ludicrous to kahunas. Who does nothing, but listen simultaneously to the millions of prayers offered to him over the universe every day.

· According to kahunas trying to comprehend the outside Deity create an undesirable mental and emotion blockage within the petitioner.

· The kahuna believe that the higher self of a person is his own enlightened part which has reached to the God -status.

· It is our higher self to whom we must turn in order to gain divine power of magic.

· The higher self has the power to solve our any problem in a very definite manner if only we would seek its help.

· The higher self will never intervene in one’s affair unless its help is specifically asked for is the peculiar secret of the huna psychology.

· The Mystical teachings of huna taught the unique method of connecting or attuning to the God-within.