We can prevent accident

Medical Director,
Bhagat Hospital Pvt.Ltd.

Road accidents have become a common newspaper headings. Accidents result in prolonged morbidity, permanent disability, and loss of life very often that to earning member of the family or somebody in his early life.  Generally they are young educated, earning members of the family.   These incidences should not be reported to sensationalize the topic but to serve as an eye opener for all those who read this news.  For this it is important that you understand causes of accidents and deaths which can be generally classified into three groups:  These can be either pre accident cause, during accident and post accident. I will just enumerate them except for one which I feel is a new entrant in the field.

Pre accident: (Personal factor)
*Drunk and driving – Delhi Police is quite active on  this part but family members have to take action. They are the one who are going to suffer.
*Use of mobile phones & texting  is distracting.
*Talking or arguing with the companion. – Ladies be careful.
*Loud music, Zig-Zag driving & speed they all thrill but kill.
*Not obeying traffic restrictions and rules e.g. many fatal accident on Gurgaon Express way.  The four wheelers are authorized to drive at a high speed on express way.  This fact is invariably ignored by the two wheeler riders who are very often seen speeding on this express way in any lane. Two-wheelers when collide or even skid are not generally blamed and bigger vehicle is blamed.  Unfortunately they are highlighted by the media as victim as can be seen in news paper (12th September, 2011). This type of misdirected sympathy is not going to prevent accidents.
*Non use of safety belts, air cushion and helmets.
*Over loading of vehicles.

During the accidents
*The speed of the vehicle / pot holes / unaltered speed breakers
*Non use of seat belts failure to understand the reactions time but no vehicle become stand still instantly
*The danger is noticed what ever the speed
*Wet conditions of the road leading to skidding of the vehicles.
*Poor visibilities (Rain, Fog).

Post accident Care
*Lack of response from the passers by – legal harassment
*Poor ambulance services
*Lack of knowledge in first aid.
*Pedestrians and cyclist are most often killed because no license /
*No challan, no road sense / no road responsibility
*Road rage

Remember these factors  – we can prevent accident…