What Keeps The Politicians Alive?

It’s the power and love for limelight that makes the heart of the politicians beat, said Padma Shri Awardee Prof Dr K K AggarwalHonorary Secretary General Indian Medical Association and President Heart Care Foundation of India.

Late Sh. P.V. Narasimha Rao, the former Prime Minister, is a sure case for that matter. Ailing with a severe heart problem, he strived to fight the elections despite repeated instructions from his cardiologists for rest. Physically, too weak, the yearning for power made him the prime minister of this largest democracy in the world.

Such cases don’t reveal a politician’s lust for power but a proven biological phenomenon among living beings. It was first observed among chimps. The study revealed that any chimp who was made the leader of the group, behaved entirely in a different way from his fellow beings. This was termed as “The Itch of Power”. The biological reason behind this change in temperament was due to the rise in the secretion of Serotonin (Neurochemical). The more the secretion the more vigour it produces. The increase in the secretion of neurochemicals is spontaneous with the power one accumulates.

Many studies have shown that most US presidents were different when they were in power than otherwise in their later or former years. Human system is such, that limelight brings a potential, which radiates confidence and vitality in the individual.

Amazingly, speeches over the audio and video media present a personality differently from what he is in front of a large audience. Applause from the gathering most automatically gives the individual that spirit and gaiety, which is a characteristic of any man in power.

Power brings positivity into the life. One gets boosted by the strength of his inner self and out lives the diseases and aliments which otherwise were quite prevalent in this physical stature.