Won Your Dream House through Meditation


Spiritual Healer

There are the mystical laws in the realm of invisible nature, which can make you successful, prosperous and rich. When your study and understand the formula of these mystical laws and apply them in everyday life, you will tap the highest source of world’s treasures.

The mystical formula exists in mental and spiritual dimension of life. It can be easily tapped by you, if you know the secret of unlocking the innermost chambers of your consciousness.

Everyone has a dream of owning their own home.

You can become a proud owner of a dream house, through your own higher self’s occult power. Yours higher self is located at 5 feet above your head as a brilliant radiating Sun scattering thousands volts of spiritual electricity.

Why so many people fail to achieve their material desires by sincerely following all the instructions of guided meditation, visualization and thinking positively. The wrong can be found in Huna psychology a very rare extinct knowledge and an extraordinary scared mystic from ancient Hawaiian island.

The Huna psychology teaches the three distinct mental dimension of the man

The lower self -located in the area of solar plexus represent unconscious mind

The middle self -located in the left side of brain represent conscious mind

The higher self -located five feet above the head represent super conscious mind or the inner illuminated part of the person

These three selves are connected by means of invisible silver cods called Aka- Cord.

The vital importance of magical Pranic- Energy had been recognised by the kahunas for performing occult work. The Prana is the substance with which the higher self works when we want it to accomplish some objective for us DEEP BREATH CREATE SURPLUS OF PRANA.


* Sit comfortably. Take 4 or 5 deep breaths. Completely aware of vital prana entering your body
* Now see a very high voltage silver white ball in your solar plexus
* Now see a tremendous flow of white light surging up out of your solar plexus. Like an active and erupting
   volcano. It is bright and charged with thousands of volts of shattering electricity.
* See it zooming up out of your head about 5 feet high.
* Now see the light enlarging into a huge circle
* The super-charged prana is absorbed by your higher self
* Now within this circle see the house you seek. The visualization of the desired house should be absolute,
   vivid and definite, it should not be not vague and general
* Also believes at the moment of visualization that the house is already and completely yours.
* Like see exactly the kind of house you want. Semi detached, detached the pathways to the house,
   type of garage, its general construction, size, design and appearance. Total numbers of room,
   type of kitchen, interior decor, colour of walls and floor, the private – garden, the roads and the
   general locality, availability of general facilities like hospital, market, and connectivity. You must
   be absolutely definite and positive about the kind of house you want. Visualize yourself already
   living happily and peace fully in that house.

* Speak now with full command ‘‘I command with all the power of my being that — the desired house
    will come to me now.— With the power of my higher self I declared myself the owner of this
    house,— it is mine. —As I will it is done”.

* You have invoked your divine power to create.
* Now thanks your higher self for accomplishing the beautiful house for you.
* Perform the ritual every day, until your goal of possessing the dream house is completely reached.