Human body is a tool to know the real purpose of this life – Dr. Yogeeshwari Devi (Didiji)

 Golokdham is a  ‘Radhakrishn Mandir’ and ‘Satsang Centre’ of  the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP) organisation situated at
Sector -10, Dwarka.
  Dr. Yogeeshwari Devi (Didiji) is in-charge of this centre and is a senior disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj,.  She is a Ph.D in Physics from Delhi University, but material studies didn’t satisfy her thirst for knowledge of the Supreme and when she met Shree Maharajji, she found the answer to all her questions on life, who we are, what is the aim etc,. and now she is fully dedicated to spread the philosophy of Shri krishn bhakti  for  the seekers of genuine spiritual knowledge.

July 8th is the birthday of Didiji.  All the devotees celebrated her birthday with great love and enthusiasm. She said birthday of this body is not at all important. But in this human body if we meet a Sadguru and come to know the real purpose of this life and then make others also understand and practically pursue spiritual practice in that direction, then it is like thanksgiving to the Guru who has made it worthy of living a meaningful life!  So it was celebrated with chanting Harinaam and she explained about her spiritual master who is the 5th ORIGINAL  Jagadguru in the past 5000 years!! 

It started with the aarti to Guru and Yugal Sarkar (Radha-Krishn). Then chanting of the beautiful names of God was done. Didiji began her spiritual discourse on how she met Shree Maharajji .She met HIM 37 years ago. She considers that herself as 37 years old. She said, ‘It was the real birth for me after meeting HIM. “ Shree Maharajji is very compassionate and ever ready to grace the souls who come to HIM with even a little interest in spirituality/divinity.  During those days, HE used to be in bhaav (spiritual ecstasy) most of the time which was found in Sri Ramkrishn Paramhans and Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  Many devotees who were very high in their spiritual sadhana and who were graced by Gurudev, realised that Shree Maharajji is also an avataar and Mahapurush. The literature  revealed by Maharajji for ‘Jeev kalyaan’ (upliftment of souls), one can feel the absolute divinity of HIS personality and when one reads with full faith and devotion you transcend to the higher plane. One can also experience the fact that Shree Maharajji is on a totally different (Divine) realm even though HE is in front of us in his physical form. 

According to scriptures, the mind is the root cause of bondage and liberation. Two important methods are prescribed for mind purification – one is chanting of Harinaam, and the second is daan (charity).  The saints teach us that it is very very important to know the meaning of chanting, and charity. Harinaam chanting should be done while attaching our mind to the lotus feet of Hari, So, the main thing is ‘smaran bhakti’, remembering Hari-Guru always. Now about daan (charity), the scriptures say that it should be done towards God and a God-realised saint (Mahapurush). Through these two activities, we get slowly detached from the worldly desires and get attached to the lotus feet of Lord. The desire to know HIM increases slowly and this is possible only when we get the association of a Mahapurush.  He graces us with devotion, which is the most important thing for a devotee to progress spiritually on the right path and achieve the goal of God realisation.

Didiji explained one of the kirtans written by Shree Maharajji – that we are indebted to the Lord for all His favours, HE has given a human body to us to understand the purpose of life and get out of the cycle of birth and death. With HIS causeless mercy, HE revealed the Ved for us and sent HIS associates as saints to teach  us. HE HIMself came as avtaar many times to teach us how to love God and take us back to HIS abode. But still this mind, which is full of desires and attachments to the worldly things and people, doesn’t listen to the saints/ scriptures. So we have to beg for HIS mercy so that this mind of ours listens to these gems of words told to us by Saints and makes us work practically in that path.