World Heart Day celebrated at N. K. BAGRODIA PUBLIC SCHOOL

Your heart is at the heart of your health and it is easy to give it the care it deserves. This World Heart Day celebrated on 29 September. A variety of activities were conducted to sensitize students what they can do to fuel their heart and power their lives.

An array of grade appropriate activities was designed for different classes which witnessed enthusiastic participation by the students. Class VI class students did newspaper activity on articles related to World Heart Day. Students of Class VII made collages on the topic “Healthy Habit for Healthy Heart”. Students of Class VIII made posters on the topic ‘World Heart Day’.

Students of Class IX brought Newspaper and internet articles related to ‘Heart’, its functioning and healthy habits for Healthy Heart and a Class discussion was held. Students of Class X conducted a talk show on various Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) and preventive measures to be followed.

Overall students spread awareness about all the actions to be taken to keep our hearts charged and make a lasting difference to our health.

Citizen’s reporter