Worldwide myths about obesity


· Obesity is not curable
In primary stages obesity is effectively curable by doing simple alteration in diet and daily regime, because numbers of fat cells present in the body are in limited number. If uncontrolled, not only the previous fat cells become saturated but also new fat cells began to form, which are very hard to eliminate from the body. These secondary fat cells spread over different body parts like, cheeks, chin, throat, arms etc. Hence a simple obesity turns into a complex obesity. Again excess of fat cells start to deposited on liver, heart, kidney, starting a vivacious cycle of many incurable diseases, which last for life time. Diabetes, heart problems, infertility, liver and kidney problems are results of being overweight. Hence it is advisable to control the weight in initial stages.

· Decrease in body weights indicates fat loss
Weight loss is possible only when the fat cells present in fat depot are eliminated from the body. During dieting and exercise, first 4to 5 days only water is excreted from the body, then in another 5 to 6 days carbohydrate which are stored in the body in the form of glycogen began to eliminate from body. Hence within 10 to 12 days the body weight falls dramatically which is considered to be fat loss. But after some time the body weight again began to rise slowly to compensate the dehydration caused by dieting and exercise.

· By keeping a standard quantity and quality of food, weight will remain constant throughout life
There is no standard format for quantity and quality of food intake to maintain a constant weight throughout life. Because after 20 year of the age the B.M.R. (Basle metabolised rate) began to dip. Hence after every 10 years we need to consume 100 caloreies less. If we do not alter our diet with age the excess calorie may give rise to obesity.

· Apparently healthy built up person is not considered to be fat
In medical terms reasons for obesity are increase in excess of fat and body weight. A standard parameter for ideal weight has been set according to age, sex and height. If a person’s weight is only 10% more than the ideal weight he is not considered to be obese, but is of healthy built up. But with slight negligence the person will became the victim of obesity. Hence take proper precautions if you are slightly plumy

· Solutions for eradication of obesity is same for men and women
Pattern of distribution of fat cells in men and women is different. In men the fat cells are deposited on abdominal region while in females they are deposited on hips region. A female sex hormone oestrogen is responsible for deposition of fat on hip region. Hence it is easier for a male to lose fat from abdominal region than for a female from hip region

· Eating breakfast increases obesity
The blood glucose level remains very low when a person wakes up in the morning. Hence he feels weakness. It is advisable o take a healthy breakfast, so that he can acquire the necessary energy for the whole day

· Dieting is the cure for fat loss
By limiting number of meals and deleting certain food items like oils, sugar, potato, rice from diet, one can cure obesity.But the fact is as soon as the person stops dieting he immediately gains excess of weight. By the lack of essential nutrients he can feel lethargic and weak.Hence it is advisable to control the body weight by changing food habits and physical work.