24 hours to stand with Anna

Dear friends across India,

The Jan Lokpal is finally about to become reality — beginning the end of corruption in India! But today Team Anna has a critical meeting in Parliament and needs our support to ensure our government accepts the people’s bill against corruption.

The drum beat of Anna Hazare has grown faint in recent weeks as his team has faced outrageous attacks. But we can make sure today’s meeting forces the final victory on Jan Lokpal. In the next 24 hours, let’s build a tidal wave of support for Anna and his team and send them to the Parliamentary standing committee that is drafting the bill with the backing of our voices — calling for the adoption of the people’s Lokpal.
Click below to send an urgent message to standing committee chair Abhishek Singhvi now — our messages will be delivered tomorrow with a splash to Team Anna and the standing committee.

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Our community has stood with Anna before and won! We sent 50,000 messages to the committee’s consultation and hundreds of thousands of emails, faxes and phone calls to our prime minister and other politicians. We have also run opinion polls, put up billboards near the Lok Sabha, and joined nationwide marches to root out corruption — winning government support for the Jan Lokpal

Now, as Team Anna comes under sustained attack from reactionary elements in the government, we need to hold strong and show that people demand the kind of strong anti-corruption law our democracy deserves. The standing committee has received different proposals for a Lokpal bill and won’t choose the strongest and most comprehensive measures unless we push it to.

The meeting is this Thursday, so we have very little time to get our voices heard. Let’s join together to write thousands of emails to committee chair Singhvi now, then encourage our friends, colleagues and family to join in.

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Even the most repressive governments bow down to sustained people power, as events in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya have shown this year. In Brazil Avaaz members forced the government to pass a strong anti-corruption law, after years of hard fought campaigning. If we keep up the pressure now we can also gain a place in our country’s history.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Alex, Shibayan, Emma, Giulia, Shivendra, Rewan and the entire Avaaz team

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